Revival Ministries International 
Drs. Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne 
Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne is President and Founder of Revival Ministries International. RMI, as it is commonly known, is a ministry that crosses denominational boundaries and geographical borders to fulfill what the Lord has called us to do, that is, to stir up the churches, tell them to get ready for the coming revival and to be catalyst for the next Great Awakening. 
Voice of Revival 
Evangelists Richard & Ronda Moore with Voice of Revival, conducts meetings that are reminiscent of revivals in the past, where the glory of God becomes present and people become saturated in God’s presence. Following the preaching of the Word, every meeting is accompanied with salvations, mighty signs, wonders and miracles. Brother Richard and Ronda are committed to spreading revival to the churches, highways and byways, and also bringing Jesus to every nation, every city, and every heart.
Releasing Glory Ministries 
Hank and Natasja Yonce, founders of Releasing Glory Ministries, currently travel around the globe holding regional, national and international revival gatherings, conferences and mass evangelistic crusades.  They also serve as senior leaders/pastors of Vivid Life Church in Deland, FL wich is a local church, harvest center and international missions base.  They are calling forth a generation to stand up in their place as sons and daughters of God, to carry the heart and kingdom of their Father, seek and save that which is lost and destroy the works of the enemy everywhere they go. 
The Desperate 
The Desperate is a safe social network with purpose and passion where people of like mind and like faith come together to support and challenge each other in their shared pursuit of going after God with a heart of desperation. If you're desperate for more of God and desperate to see your generation shaken by the fire of God, or if life has just left you desperate to find a purpose and passion, you've come to the right place. 


Mercy to the Poor through humanitarian aide distribution in impoverished areas.


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