Santa Rosa de Copan Update

We’re so honored to have shared the glorious Gospel with the precious people of Honduras.  I know this sounds cliché, but Santa Rosa de Copan will never be the same again!  I can’t tell you how many times we heard from people that no missionary has ever come to their house and prayed with them.  How awesome to know that God sent individuals on our team, all the way to Honduras to minister to that one person!
We had the largest team of people come with us; 65 people from all over the United States, Brazil as well as those on the grounds in Honduras.  Everybody flowed in unity, harmony and humility!  We were so blessed to have such a phenomenal team labor with us!  During the mass crusade, the field was flooded with 10,000 to 15,000 people each night.  We saw 98% of them respond to the call for either first time salvation, rededication or to make sure of their salvation.  Many notable healings and miracles took place!  Also, we went house-to-house, giving out basic necessities as well as ministering heart to heart.  The local churches and believers were so touched and we’re already hearing many testimonies of the rippling effect that is taking place throughout the region!  A BIG thanks to those who came, who prayed and gave of their finances to help make this happen!  Heaven is more full because of your support in this vision of reaching Honduras for Christ!  You have truly made a DIFFERENCE!  Please click here to see photos from this crusade.  


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