When Evangelist Doug Rowland taught on the offering the first time, I only had money to buy food for the rest of the month (but it was not sufficient); but I remembered the story about the widow of Zarephath. However, I did not give my offering, because I did not want to bargain with God. Then I asked Him to give me the revelation about the real meaning of offering. I received that on the third day. I understood that the act of offering is also practicing the “GO”. I offered my money and in the following week I received TEN times more of what I had planned to buy and I filled my refrigerator and all the shelves!  

Nivea Souza | Brazil 



I met Pr. Doug and Pr. Janet back in 2006.  I had been completely lost and Jesus had just called me.  In the same week when I accepted the Lord Jesus, we had a Revival conference in our IBA church at Sao Luis-Ma.  While Pr.Doug ministered the word, my heart was burning in a way that I had never experienced before.  Everything was new, and I cried a lot.  In his particular way to preach, walking in the temple, the Holy Spirit made him see me among the crowd (there were at least 3000 people there that day) and he ministered in my life and a powerful impartation of anointing came into my life and I was not the same anymore.  I was not only touched, but I had my inner essence completely transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.  That’s why we love Doug, his family and his ministry as they will always be in our hearts!!!!!!!

Thiago Paes Leme | Brazil 



This trip to Honduras was very impactful. Seeing the loving people, in the midst of deep poverty went straight to our hearts. Even though we knew they appreciated the provision of food and clothing, we could tell that the effect of showing them God's love went deepest. The impact was reciprocal, God touched us while using us to touch their lives. We had heard it said before, but this time it came true in our lives: We didn't want to leave and want to go back to do even more. We see that we have an opportunity not just to impact a few people, but to affect a nation. This was especially true as we looked into the eyes of the youth. Honduras is a nation filled with young people. We know by touching them with the love and Spirit of God now, the impact will be far-reaching, and great.  We hope that we can see and do more in the future. Hola Honduras!

A John | Florida



I was so blessed to join Grace and Glory Ministries on the recent missions trip to Honduras.  I had the privilege of ministering to those precious people, which in turn, totally transforms your own life.  It makes you realize that we all are so special in God’s eyes.  Words cannot express what a joy it is to be a part of praying for people and leading them to their salvation!  Seeing miracles of the sick becoming healed of diseases that they’ve had all of their lives, seeing a child that had never walked suddenly healed and walking and the parents crying and giving thanks...what words could describe that?!!!

Mary Williams | Jacksonville, FL 



This testimony is about Clara. Clara is originally from a country in Africa called Angola. She now lives in Germany and was working as a housekeeper in one of the local hotel there. During the meetings in Germany, she was always bringing treats to share with the congregation after church; she is a very loving, giving individual. At one of the revival meetings as Doug was ministering on the principles of sowing and reaping, she witnessed a powerful testimony through one of the pastors of the church. This pastor was believing God to sow $1000 into the offering that week. He said, I don’t know where it is going to come from, because we don’t have it right now, but we are believing God for this amount in order to be a blessing to the kingdom of God.
During that same meeting, God spoke to another lady in the church to give him $1000, which she did and the pastor then gave it in the offering. He had a very quick turn around on that prayer! Clara saw this and God put it on her heart to believe Him for a big amount because she too wanted to sow into God’s kingdom. She purposed in her heart to give $500. What you don’t know is that she did not even have enough money for to ride the bus to the meeting the next day. This was a big step of faith for her. A couple days later she spoke to her boss and told her boss that she would be quitting her job soon because she was not being paid enough.
Because of her diligence and spirit of excellence the boss told her that everyone else could leave, even the hotel could close down, but that they were not willing to let her go. Instead of Clara giving her two weeks notice, her boss gave her not just a promotion, but he gave Clara her very own cleaning company to manage the housekeepers of the hotel! WOW! Not only was Clara able to give the amount she purposed in her heart, but because of the favor of God she now was made owner of her very own business…Praise God!
A very precious young lady was attending the German church where the revival meetings were being held. She was originally from Ghana Africa; she came to Germany after being told that she would be given a job there. Once in Germany, she was sold as a prostitute and forced into a despicable world of bondage and sex slavery. Fortunately, she was able to escape her horrible situation and no longer works as a prostitute. However, for months, she has had tormenting dreams during the night. As she came to the meetings and allowed the sweet presence of Jesus to touch her, she was set free from the tormenting spirits that were attacking her mind. Only the Truth-giving Spirit can set the captives free! Hallelujah!

One night, a lady approached Doug and asked him to come into agreement with her regarding the healing of a little baby that was in the hospital for a very serious condition. As they prayed together in the name of Jesus, she said that she felt a release her spirit about the matter.
Later she sent a letter stating that the baby had been released from the hospital at the very moment she had felt that release in her spirit. There is truly no distance in the realm of the spirit! 

As Doug was ministering on sowing and reaping, there was a lady in the crowd who had felt that she had heard this message before, but that it had never worked for her. However, she decided to put the principles to test and she put her last twenty dollars in the offering that night. Later that night, someone slipped twenty dollars into her hands. Already, she saw a return on her investment! The next day, she received another twenty. Even the next day, she received another twenty dollars. In addition to this someone called her and said that they would like to help her find a good deal for new tires on her car. This sweet lady had a powerful breakthrough in her life, especially in the area of seedtime and harvest! We must never underestimate the power of a seed!
Hello, my name is Diana. What an experience to go to Honduras with Doug and Hank and participate in the crusade in Dos Caminos. The people there were very warm and welcomed us with open arms. During the day we walked around to the different "homes" and witnessed to the people and gave them food and clothes. A lot of the homes were mud huts and they cooked on a campfire and had no running water inside but had containers to hold water which they used for cleaning, drinking and laundry. Their hearts were so open to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior and were visibly touched when we prayed for them. We even saw healing miracles take place as we prayed. There is so much need over there; the women have so many kids to take of and most of them are still kids themselves. I so admired their faith; some that we prayed for said they believed they were healed even though you could not see it manifested- they did not have a doctor to have tests done to prove it...They just believed and received their healing. My heart is for the kids; most don't even go to school. They have to grow up fast and help the family. They don't have toys to play with; I saw some play with sticks. Most kids did not even have shoes on and I often wondered if they even get enough to eat. Our pets here have more than the children over there.
The crusade was awesome! Thousands came out and gave their hearts to Jesus. We were in the back of the platform and they told the people to come around back if they needed a healing and we would pray for them, I saw so many people coming and thought how will we pray for all of them!? Now I have to tell you, I had never prayed for deaf ears or blind eyes to open before because I thought what if I prayed and nothing happened. I had not contended for this anointing and the only healing I had seen through my prayers was for pain to subside some. Well, when there are that many people looking at you for healing prayer, you do not have time to think- you just pray and watch God show Himself off so mightily! I prayed and deaf ears opened, blind eyes opened, pain left, joints were loosened and people were set free from bondages! The whole team experienced heaven invading earth with all the miracles! Talk about a faith building experience in my life...I will never be the same! What an honor to go there and represent Jesus and see the miraculous. Thank You Lord for sending me. I cannot wait until my next mission trip and I am expecting to see even more miracles and more salvations.

Diana Saksa
Jacksonville, FL
Recently, a group of us from the Comunidade Shamah church were celebrating a holiday. We decided to take our little party to the beach very late
that night. We sat on the sand started singing and playing guitar. Then, a man (about our age) came to us and asked us, “I had a hard day. Can I stay with you?” And we said, “Yes.”
This man started to cry and asked us if we're from any church. He was so sad; he wanted Jesus but he didn't know how to get Him. As he was talking with us, he was marked for death; he used drugs and he had no idea what to do in his life. So, we preached the Gospel to him and we told that God is the peace he was needing and we told him about Jesus' love for him. We started to pray for him and he cried so, so, so much. At first, the man couldn't say that Jesus was in his heart (he was full of demons.) But we held our hands and started to pray more and more. He repented to God and ACCEPTED JESUS!!!!!!! We could see clearly his face changed!! How God can change!!
We praise God because almost we didn't go to the beach that day but God makes the thing in a perfect way!!!
God saved that soul and we won this present: the pleasure to talk about Jesus!!!! You can't imagine what a night we had....!Thanks to God!! I'm sooo happy. You and the American team raised the importance of spreading God's Word. Thanks for it because now I really know the power of God!
God bless you! :)
Kelly Henriques & Lilian Rodrigues
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
There was a young man in the Jurujuba crusade that came to the altar to accept Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior.
He was so hungry and desperate for the life of God. At the end of the prayer, Doug told everyone there at the altar, that all of their sins had been forgiven. When the young man heard this, he became overwhelmed with love and joy...He was crying and laughing and hugging the other people at the altar around him. You could really see that he had a revelation of the love of God. It was like watching the prodigal son return to his father. How precious and how priceless is each and every soul that comes into the kingdom! 
Now, this young man is plugged into the church. He recently baptized, along with many other new converts from the crusade. He goes evangelizing in the streets on Sunday afternoons with the other church members. He has given his life to Christ and he is truly never the same again!
I have many testimonies, but one was wonderful: A young guy accepted Jesus. He was involved with drug trafficking He had a debt to pay the drug lord. The situation was this: He had taken a quantity of drugs to sell and he left these drug with another man. This man did not pay him and he was being forced by the drug lord to kill this man or the drug lord would kill him. After this young guy accepted Jesus, he did not want to kill the man and told the drug lord that he didn't want to do it. The result was, the young guy was beaten to death by the drug lord. This seems to be a sad story right? But through this situation, the whole family accepted Jesus and his friends also...It was such a powerful testimony that many who heard it accepted Jesus. The most amazing thing is that this young man accepted Jesus on a Sunday, and was killed the following Saturday....No one is promised tomorrow and we are privileged that we witnessed to this man before he stepped into eternity. Praise God!

Bruna Melo
Jurujuba, Brazil

There was a lady in Jurujuba who we witnessed to when we first began our outreach there. At first, she did not accept the Gospel; she had a very hard heart. However,  she was convicted by the Holy Spirit and later she accepted Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior! 
She is a very influential figure and much loved by the community. She had a lot of people in her family accepting Jesus because of her influence. She died two weeks ago. Her last words were, "I regret not having known the Lord before." Wow, once again we were able to reach someone before they slipped into eternity. You never know who you will reach! Glory be to God!

Bruna Melo
Jurujuba, Brazil


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